Our Mission/Vision/Values


Identify, partner and support gifted indigenous leaders and local churches whose holistic ministries manifest the love of Christ to victims throughout the United States and developing countries.


Our ministry partners will develop reputations for their grace-filled ministries that transform the physical, spiritual and emotional lives of widows, orphans and society’s victims.


  • Ideas We are looking for creative approaches to problems. Ideas that consider the special circumstance and culture involved.
  • Ideals We work with those who understand that God controls the result. We require the highest ethics ad commitment to scripture.
  • Impact We work with those who have a proven record of accomplishment.
  • Intimacy We work with those who are open and honest; who understand partnership involves the review of successes and mistakes with the goal of constant improvement.
  • Indigenous We work with local leaders with a demonstrated knowledge of the culture they serve.
  • Incarnational We work with leaders who take a holistic approach to ministry.
  • Infrastructure We seek to avoid dependence and therefore look to support specifically defined projects rather than supporting continuing obligations. We provide training and capital improvements that do