Countries: Uganda

Our Work In Uganda

Since 1987, Northern Uganda has been terrorized by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel group engaged in an armed rebellion against the Ugandan government in one of Africa’s longest-running conflicts. The LRA has engaged in widespread atrocities, mutilation, torture, rape, the abduction of civilians, the use of child soldiers, and a number of massacres. Nearly two million civilians have been forced to flee their homes, living in Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps, or being forced to sleep on street corners or in other public spaces. Most frequently targeted are the children, abducted as child soldiers, forced laborers, or sex slaves.

Resplendent Hope worked with Pastor Peter Kasirivu to relocate some of the war refugees in these IDP camps back onto their traditional land and homes.

Relocation Village

Resplendent Hope’s first project in Uganda helped relocate widows and orphans from a North Ugandan IDP to their historical homes and farms in the community of Soroti. We provided oxen, seeds, tools, bedding, motorcycles, and other supplies that allowed the people to reclaim their former homelands.

In addition, your gifts helped purchase land in order to build a school, church, and medical center to meet the needs of the widows and orphans.