Our Work with Orphans

Decades of civil war, the December 26, 2004 tsunami and ongoing poverty have led to an epidemic of orphans in Sri Lanka. Thousands of children live without protection, medical care, or education. Seeking shelter wherever they can find it, often sleeping piled together groups of orphans find an illusion of safety. These children have become targets for those who prey on the unprotected. Fearing the AIDS epidemic, predators target children in the hope they are not yet infected.

Resplendent Hope has supported Pastor Adrian’s work in rescuing these children by supporting orphanages that provide sanctuary for the children while also providing education and vocational training.

Young Orphaned Girl’s Home

Because of your generous donations, Resplendent Hope opened a home that will support up to 50 young orphan girls. Your continued gifts have supported these young girls since March of 2008.