Our Work Building Community

In Sri Lanka and Uganda people need a place of sanctuary where they are protected and loved. In Sri Lanka that sanctuary is Ape Kadella (Our Nest). In addition to housing the boys orphanage,girls orphanage, center for women in peril and sewing school, it is home to educational and study facilities. Resplendent Hope has been fortunate to be able to invest in this place of support.

We continually seek opportunities to enhance our work with the exploited, orphans and widows by providing additional facilities for training, education and health. Our initial efforts are described below.

Conference Hall

Formerly an open air facility, Resplendent Hope’s principals provided the funds to enclose the building making it a perfect place for education, meetings and training.


The Library at Ape Kadella was built through the generosity of a Foundation based in California. Resplendent Hope was able to enhance that generosity by, along with others, supplying books and computers.