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Resplendent Hope is an all-volunteer organization. It is our policy to distribute funds to active projects quickly so that our partners receive the maximum benefit. In addition, officers from Resplendent Hope personally verify use of the funds and update our donors on the effects of their generosity.

To support our efforts, please designate from the choices below. If no selection is made your contribution will go to where it is most needed.

Sri Lanka - Orphans

Your support for the Orphaned Girls Home will provide sanctuary, spiritual counseling and educational training to young orphaned girls.

Sri Lanka - Women in Peril

The Esther Centre for Women and associated sewing and agricultural vocational schools train and protect these women.

Sri Lanka - Girls at Risk

Girls rescued from abuse receive counseling and are taught a vocation. They remain until their safe transition to society is assured.

Sri Lanka - Counseling/Medical Center

The Medical Center, which will also serve as Sri Lanka’s first counseling center, will help deal with the 200 daily medical emergencies in Colombo’s free trade zone.

Congo - Sons of Congo

Developing Christ-centered Congolese men through prayer, partnerships, innovative media programming and national events.

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Orphans Women in peril Sons of Congo
Girls At Risk Medical Center
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