Countries: Congo

Sons Of Congo

“A movement of healing that transforms men into influential leaders: champions to their families, churches, government, and nation.”
Vision / Mission Statement

The worst humanitarian crisis since WWII

More than five million people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1998 when the Great War of Africa began. Today, Eastern Congo has been declared the “rape capital of the world” where one 1100 women are raped every day. UNICEF declared Congo the worst place to be a woman and child. Genocide Watch names Congo at the top of its 2010 list of countries facing ongoing massacres.

Where Congo goes, Africa goes

Because of it’s geography, amazing mineral wealth, and a composite of over 200 tribes, the UN states “the resolution of the crisis in the D.R. Congo will benefit Africa more than solving any other of the continent’s current conflicts.” African Mediator, Scholar, and Politician Washington Okumu writes, “ Congo is the linchpin of Africa and its great mineral heart and politico-strategic gateway.”

Men hold the key to change in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Currently, most aid and effort is targeting women and children, the victims of violence. Sons of Congo is called to work at the root of the problem by reaching Congolese men. Our target audience is leaders of men, men in the church (90% of the population) and men with guns (military and police are the greatest human rights abusers).

We target ideologies and prejudices at the core of the masculine crisis

Sons of Congo uses the power of radio, the main mode of communication in Africa, to form discipleship groups called Radio Clubs. We broadcast a weekly “Man-to-Man” radio hour coordinated with simple discussion material tailored just for Congolese men. This material was written and reviewed by Congolese from diverse walks of life and engages men in conversations of taboo subjects like sexual violence. Our long term strategy includes hosting catalyst events like, men’s conferences, sports events, and Men’s television programming.